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Collierville Chamber of Commerce

For almost two decades, the Pickler Companies suite of professional firms have been engaged members of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce. Helping with programmatic efforts and leading community initiatives, David Pickler has helped reenergize the organization and reengage the membership base.


Since 2005, Pickler Wealth Advisors, along with sister companies The Pickler Law Firm and Pickler Accounting Advisors, have been engaged members of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce.

For the past six years, David has been an active member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, helping lead the organizations engagement efforts.

In 2016, when ground was being broken on the new Collierville High School, the largest high school in the state of Tennessee, David helped form Partners in Education (PIE) which served as the fundraising arm for the high school. This partnership, which established a national model for public education becoming a true partner in community development with local government and business leaders, was a transformative step for public education.

David donated the services of The Pickler Law Firm and Pickler Accounting Advisors to legally establish the Partners in Education foundation. Through the formation of PIE through the Chamber of Commerce, and as a founding member of this education-based foundation, David helped create “the high school of the future”, delivering workforce development programs in areas such as auto mechanics, culinary arts, welding, nursing, and technology.


In 2019, David and Pickler Wealth Advisors served as the Catalyst for the Chamber’s partnership with SCORE. This partnership created unique programming and workshops and, ultimately, expanded SCORE’s volunteer and mentorship capacities.

Through the years, Pickler Wealth Advisors has been the Title Sponsor for the Chamber’s Annual Awards Gala. Our firm has also sponsored multiple Chamber luncheons, promoting small businesses and local leaders. David has also chaired the Small Business Awards, leading the Entrepreneurship Committee.

Pickler Wealth Advisors has served as Programming Aid to the Chamber, delivering presentations to the organization’s membership base. In 2021, David presented to over 250 people, educating them on the Collierville Survivors Fund. This fund, initiated by the help of David through the National Compassion Fund, benefits the survivors of the September 23, 2021 mass shooting at the Collierville Kroger.

In 2022, Pickler Wealth Advisors invited Mark Heuberger, CEO of the Chamber, to be a guest on BullTV, our monthly television show that highlights local leaders. In the show, David and Mark discussed how Mark’s leadership has reenergized the organization, shining a light on the people who make the Town so special.


On August 24th, 2023, the Collierville Chamber of Commerce played a pivotal role in the inauguration of Pickler Companies' latest establishment. The occasion was marked by the ribbon-cutting ceremony and an engaging open house session. This collaborative effort showcased the vibrant synergy between local businesses and the community, as the Collierville Chamber of Commerce lent its support to herald the opening of Pickler Companies' new building. The event not only celebrated a milestone for Pickler Companies but also underlined the spirit of growth and partnership that thrives within the dynamic business landscape of Collierville.

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Collierville Chamber of Commerce
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