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Pickler Companies’ relationship with the Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) dates back to David Pickler’s time on the Shelby County Board of Education, but was reignited in 2020 when our firms were asked to help with a membership crisis. Since then, Pickler Companies has helped grow the mentorship program, and our firms’ leaders have delivered presentations to SCORE’s members on topics ranging from “starting a business” to “the power of branding.”


David’s work with the Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) began in the late ‘90s when he served as chairman of the Shelby Country Board of Education. SCORE provides mentorships for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. David was asked to address the Memphis chapter of SCORE at a career-focused event. This was the start to a bright future between this inspirational organization and Pickler Companies.


In 2020, David’s partnership with SCORE was reignited when a client, who ran the local chapter, approached David about much needed assistance with engaging more participants. David got to work, engaging the firm’s staff and clients. David hosted gatherings at the office and encouraged people to seek out mentorships with the executives and business owners on our handpicked roster.

We partnered with the Collierville Chamber of Commerce to create programming and workshops. This tactic would only spread word of the organization more rapidly. The once-struggling SCORE Chapter now has so many entrepreneurs wanting their services; they are only limited by their ability to recruit volunteers to serve as mentors.


Since the initial partnership with SCORE, our firm has delivered robust and engaging content for the organization’s members, both local and statewide.

These presentations include topics such as “Four Things Business Owners Should Focus On,” “The Power of Branding,” “Things Small Businesses Should Avoid,” Tax Planning,” and “Podcasting for Beginners.”

Our efforts to educate and counsel has made an impact on SCORE and the individuals that make up its now-booming membership.

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