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Pickler Wealth Advisors provides goals-based wealth management, personalized advice, and intellectual capital to help solve your problems.

The Pickler Process

You have unique passions and goals, and Pickler Wealth Advisors is committed to learning about you and what is important to you and your family.

We want to develop a clear understanding of your family, your interests, and your passions because that helps us create a customized wealth management solution that will help you achieve your life goals.


It is important for us to establish a deep understanding of your current circumstances as well as your goals and dreams for the future. This process will empower you to more clearly identify personal and financial goals including retirement objectives, education funding, tax planning, and developing your own bucket list.


We have comprehensive planning tools that allow us to use your personal financial data and our understanding of your needs to design a customized plan for you. We will build a plan that places your assets in investment vehicles that will best achieve your goals. A successful plan will also provide for a successful transfer of your wealth. Your plan will include estate planning recommendations, life insurance needs analysis, and estate tax planning. We provide solutions that include business succession planning, family trusts for transfer of your assets, and charitable gifting wishes.

Financial planning is at the heart of what we do. It is not something that is done once and then never considered again. Financial planning is a process that continuously revolves around you, the client. The ultimate product of this process is a Life Plan that takes into account a broad array of considerations that may not have even occurred to you.  


Your plan will incorporate specific strategies that will be integral to converting your plan design into action. The implementation of the plan is the technical aspect of the process. In this stage, we handle all of the moving parts involved in actually getting your money working for you.

We will be responsible for setting up your new account(s), and will request a transfer of your existing assets into your new account(s). If it is part of your plan, we will facilitate the development of an estate plan and tax strategies, and will also help you obtain appropriate insurance.


Perhaps the most important part of our advisory process is a commitment to ongoing monitoring, review, and communications. As your life and markets change, so too must your plans. Our disciplined process of systematic review will provide the greatest opportunity for planning success and achieving your goals.

Our model depends upon our ability to observe your progress and track your growth or lack thereof, so we will meet with you immediately after investing your assets to establish the baseline for all your future account reviews, and then we will meet with you every year thereafter to review your progress.

You will receive regular statements of your accounts and, should you have questions, you will have considerable access to us for answers. Meanwhile, if you have any changes in your life that might affect your plan, we will rely on you to notify us so that we can analyze your new circumstances and determine if changes to your plan are called for.

Step 1: Understand
Step 2: Analyze
Step 3: Plan
Step 4: Implement
Step 5: Monitor
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