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Planning for Patriots

David Pickler and Pickler Companies believe in Main Street Values, admiring and serving those who have made an impact on our lives. The best example being with our military, both active and inactive. Since the founding of The Pickler Law Firm, David and his team have offered free estate planning for our heroes through the Planning for Patriots program. It’s our way of paying it forward with passion and purpose.


When David founded The Pickler Law Firm, he set out to find a way to give back to our courageous military veterans. He knew this effort would need a commitment from members of the entire team who were equally enthusiastic about giving back to the community.

After much brainstorming, the Planning for Patriots program was created. Through this initiative, The Pickler Law Firm offers free estate planning services to active duty or retired members of the military. The complimentary package (valued at $750 to $1,000) includes a will, health care power of attorney, and other necessary documents. In the first ten years of the program, The Pickler Law Firm has given away more than $2 million worth of pro bono legal services. As the veterans sign paperwork, they sometimes ask what they owe. Our respond is always: “Your bill has been paid in full by your service to our country.”


During the pandemic, our staff agreed to expand the recipients of our pro bono work to include first responders such as police, firefighters, ambulance drivers, EMTs, paramedics, and nurses. In August of 2020, we hosted our inaugural Planning for Patriots Day, a day dedicated to serving those who have served us. The firm donated over $50,000 in legal services and served over 50 families during this event.

Planning for Patriots Day saw individuals and families calling in or filling out online forms to answer a few questions. These individuals then came in to obtain their complimentary last will & testament, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and living will. During the event, the offices of Pickler Companies were broken out into multiple “signing” and “waiting” rooms. TPLF’s attorneys and team members sat down with “heroes” in 30-minute blocks. Social distancing was maintained, temperatures were taken at the door, and masks were required to ensure a safe environment for clients and staff.

As a firm that includes Pickler Accounting Advisors, The Pickler Law Firm, and Pickler Wealth Advisors, we believe in Main Street Values, in giving back to the community to show our appreciation for the services these people provide. We know by doing this, we can influence other people’s lives for good.

Planning for Patriots
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