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National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

“Education is a symbol of our democracy and the most pervasive means of promoting our common destiny.” - former Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter


During his time with the National School Boards Association (NSBA), David was introduced to an American organization that provides advanced training for teachers, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). The catalyst for this introduction was Sonny Savoie, an NSBA Past President and close friend who had also served as a member of the NBPTS board. At the time, NBPTS was going through significant challenges and Sonny convinced David to take his place on the board because of David’s fundraising expertise.

In 2018, David accepted Sonny’s invitation to serve on the Board of Directors of this outstanding organization.

NBPTS Group Photo.jpg

Over the past few years in which David has served NBPTS, the endowment has grown 20-fold. Additionally, because of David’s prowess in capital campaigns and finance management, the annual fund has tripled and the organization is operating with substantial surplus – positive financial growth in all areas, even in the face of the pandemic.

He was also a proud member of the resource development committee, where he sought funding from corporations, government and private entities. Through their efforts, David and NBPTS were able to enhance the teaching profession by providing incentives and benefits for teachers to pursue board certification. They brought in over $15 million in Federal and endowment funding and forged partnerships with multiple states.


The Power of Certified Teachers

Similar to the process of a doctor becoming board certified in a specialty area, the teachers certification is an exhaustive program that takes four years to complete and provides continuing education to help teachers be their absolute best. Tests have shown that a student taught by a national board-certified teacher enjoys the equivalent of four additional months of learning overall, and three more months of reading skills. It’s a game changer.

By encouraging that professional standard, more of our teachers today have chosen to become board certified. This is a passion David has had for a long time—to be part of a national movement, to help raise the stature of teaching as a profession.

The future of our nation depends on preparing America’s 54-million public-school children for engaged citizenship and global competitiveness. Finding and supporting great teachers gives more students the benefit of a great education. It’s something we can all agree on.

Teachers are some of America’s most unsung heroes. As 19th Century historian and author Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity. You can never tell where [their] influence stops”

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
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