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Germantown Education Foundation

Through David’s leadership on the Shelby County Board of Education, the Germantown Education Foundation was created as the funding body for the city’s schools. Through his continued partnership with GEF, David has sponsored various initiatives including the horse speed signs and the city’s first Oktoberfest, benefitting Germantown and its incredible schools, teachers, and students.


In 1998, David was elected to represent Germantown through his service on the Shelby County Board of Education. Through his service representing the Germantown community, it became evident that a local funding organization would be a significant benefit to the schools located within the Germantown city limits.

Under David’s and others leadership, the foundation was created as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Since its inception in 2013, the Germantown Education Foundation has raised funds for significant projects for each of Germantown’s schools, and has recognized outstanding teachers, students, and schools in the area. With the creation of the foundation, the role of GEF has increased dramatically. The foundation stands as the primary funding body for the Germantown Municipal School District.


Horse Speed Signs

Continuing his passion for public-education excellence, David sustained his longstanding partnership with the Germantown Education Foundation through an interesting, Germantown-specific fundraiser…

In 2020, David was approached by the mayor about an interesting fundraising initiative. Because of Germantown’s heritage of horse riding, and being the home of the Germantown Charity Horse Show, The Germantown Education Foundation was partnering with local businesses and leaders to highlight the city’s equestrian pride. This fundraiser saw the creation and installation of speed signs for horses around Germantown. This fun and unique initiative was a no-brainer for Pickler Companies, and David immediately sponsored a sign close to the horse show grounds.

As the foundation’s mission states, it is dedicated to mobilizing community resources to advance the academic success of Germantown students. Because of Pickler Companies’ similar mission of giving generously in the areas of art and education, this partnership made sense and has had a lasting impact on the community.

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In 2017, Pickler Companies was the Title Sponsor of the foundation’s Oktoberfest celebration. In this inaugural event, aptly located in Germantown, German food was served, the biergarten was packed, and the oompah band played well into the evening as attendees raised money for the Germantown Education Foundation.

David and his family of firms were proud to bring the flavors or Germany to Germantown in a successful effort to advocate for great public education in our region.

Germantown Education Foundation
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