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The Bull Network
A Commitment to Client Communication

We believe connection, communication, and clarity are vital to our success, and with the Bull Network, we are removing barriers and increasing lines of communication with our clients.

BullCast the Podcast

Delivering real talk while making financial topics more accessible, co-hosts Katie Pickler and Cort Winsett break down personal finance into engaging, bite-sized topics. Join them on their journey to “remove the veil” as they bring a basic level of awareness in a relatable, honest, and pop-culture-fueled format.

BullTalk the Market Call

BullTalk, David Pickler's weekly market call, gives you an engaging look into the most recent economic trends as well as early market conditions. Listen in as David breaks down what's happening in our world today, including the pandemic and how it is impacting the economy and our world.

BullTV the Show

BullTV, hosted by David Pickler, empowers, educates, and entertains while highlighting the citizens of Collierville who inspire and deliver solutions for a stronger community. Each month, we sit down with engaging guests and have an open, transparent dialogue about their unique role, initiatives, and legacy. 

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