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Leadership Germantown

In one of David’s most significant community engagements in public service to date, Leadership Germantown builds a community of engaged citizens and creates powerful civic opportunities. Through building lifelong friendships and co-creating the Leadership Germantown Alumni Association, David’s work with this organization has fostered a life of community service and impactful leadership.


In 1996, David joined the charter class of Leadership Germantown, a servant leadership organization that directly impacts Germantown through building communities of engaged citizens. Leadership Germantown is a nine-month program that creates unique opportunities for its members to serve Germantown.

The inaugural class totaled 24 engaged members. It was here that David formed some of his closest friendships. Some of the individuals who participated in this class, and who served Germantown, were Tracy Speake, Mike Palazzolo, Richard Hall, and Allyson Avera. These all-stars continue to deliver leadership excellence for the city, and would become core components of leadership for every political campaign David would run.

Tracy Speake would go on to become David’s business-and-life mentor and one of his best friends.


When ending the charter year for Leadership Germantown, Tracy approached David about creating an alumni association to continue the important advocacy work for the organization. Inspired by this idea, together, they created the Leadership Germantown Alumni Association. David served as the second president of the association, and, to this day, continues to support various initiatives including the Germantown Charity Horse Show and annual forums for voters of Germantown.

One of the first programs developed was the Leadership Germantown Alumni Association Community Forum. This program created an opportunity for candidates of local office to share their opinions and thoughts to local voters. This forum has continued to this date. In 2018, David was invited to moderate the schoolboard forum. This was an incredible honor for David, participating in this democratic process and serving as a voice for the citizens of his city.

During his time with Leadership Germantown, David helped fund and create two notable awards: the Joe Reed Community Service Award and the Jim Roberts Award. These awards highlight impactful leadership and community service excellence.

Along with his work with the PTA, Leadership Germantown was one of David’s most significant engagements in public service to date.

Leadership Germantown
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